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Author Archives: wail

Is Iran set to lash out at Saudi Arabia?

The November 19 double-suicide bombings of the Iranian embassy in Beirut may have looked shocking in the headlines – they killed 23 people. But they also should not have come as a surprise. Since 2011, Tehran has earned its karma in Lebanon. The attack, whose victims included an Iranian diplomat, was likely payback for the Shiite theocracy’s … Continue reading »

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Interesting inner event of 1979

Siege of Mecca Juhayman ibn Muhammad ibn Sayf al-Otaibi believed that an Islamic uprising was needed in order to create a more fundamentalist Sunni Islamic state. From an outside point of view this may appear rather strange given the fact that Islamic Sharia law governs Saudi Arabia and not one single Christian church or Buddhist … Continue reading »

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Suicide bombings claim more lives in Iraq

  (CNN) — Explosions and gunfire claimed at least 31 more lives between Tuesday night and early Wednesday in the latest spasms of violence in Iraq. In one incident in al-Tarmiya, about 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) north of Baghdad, two suicide bombers attacked the house of a Sunni leader during a Tuesday night banquet to honor … Continue reading »

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Iraq PM warns of ‘war of genocide’ as attacks kill 49

Baghdad (AFP) – Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki warned on Wednesday that the country is facing a “war of genocide,” as officials said militants killed 49 people in two days of attacks. Violence has reached a level unseen since 2008, as Iraq emerged from a brutal conflict between minority Sunni Muslims and majority Shiites. Militants, … Continue reading »

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Saddam Hussein’s Legacy: Iraq Landmarks Carry Dictator’s Specter

BAGHDAD — The soaring half domes of the Martyr Monument stand out against the drabness of eastern Baghdad, not far from where Saddam Hussein’s feared eldest son was said to torture underperforming athletes. Saddam built the split teardrop-shaped sculpture in the middle of a manmade lake in the early 1980s to commemorate Iraqis killed in … Continue reading »

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Attacks in western Iraq kill 7 police officers

Baghdad (CNN) — Seven police officers were killed and nine were injured Tuesday in a series of attacks at security checkpoints in the western Iraqi province of Anbar, police said. The attacks happened in the town of al-Rutba, a predominantly Sunni Muslim community that for a few years was an al Qaeda stronghold after the 2003 … Continue reading »

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Towering skyscrapers in the ‘Manhattan of the desert’

Rising from the valley floor like a mirage, the 450-year-old mud brick towers of Shibam in Yemen are the world’s first skyscrapers – dubbed the Manhattan of the Desert. The 500 tower houses, made from mud mixed with chaff and hay, have withstood 113F (45C) heat, floods and, last Sunday, an explosion caused by suspected … Continue reading »

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Sadr apologize to Iraq for the excesses of the year «imperfect minds»

Feet Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr an apology to the people of Adhamiya district in Baghdad «naive behavior and imperfect minds who do what they are ordered by their masters, to inflame hatred». Sadr was commenting on a video to march downtown Adhamiya, the protection of the security services, chanting against religious symbols and offensive to … Continue reading »

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‘Breaking-up’ is hard to do

It was not a particularly original idea but Robin Wright, the author of several popular books on the Middle East, imagined a remapped region in a recent New York Times essay that, inter alia, saw a break-up of several countries and the rise of 14 new political entities. The sketch was not novel because Mahdi … Continue reading »

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