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Sadr apologize to Iraq for the excesses of the year «imperfect minds»

Posted by on October 10, 2013

Feet Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr an apology to the people of Adhamiya district in Baghdad «naive behavior and imperfect minds who do what they are ordered by their masters, to inflame hatred».

Sadr was commenting on a video to march downtown Adhamiya, the protection of the security services, chanting against religious symbols and offensive to the people of the city. He said in a video: «I deplore and denounced the claim that they are Shia and Atbara them before God. What he had done some naive and minds of the missing who rose Awaahm in the corridors of the streets of Adhamiya, and were shouting provocative things, and I am sure that they are not aware of what they say only dirhams that they took away from their masters to foment hatred and install the king.

Sadr stressed that «what is going to happen from the repercussions after this incident and previous serious is because of them and in their necks, and added that« are doing these things are not Shiites or يمتون to Shiites onion, they are far from the faithful Imam Ali ». He explained that «such historical ideological controversy should be under the frameworks and rational laws and regulations and under the auspices of science and scientists, hardworking and virtuous not to be provocative and frameworks slut.

He Sadr: «salute all Iraq’s Sunnis, who stayed away from sectarianism and those who refused to terrorism and al-Qaeda and booby that occur in Iraq, and condemn what happened in Iraq bombings meant that he had signed captivated However, terrorism, violence and extremism», expressing «condolences to the families of the victims».

And picked up the sites a few days ago a video clip showing the person named Thaer al-Darraji with a group of his supporters cursing the Prophet’s companions in the center of the city of Adhamiya.

The incident came after only one day of the killing and wounding dozens of Shiite pilgrims in a suicide bombing near the bridge that connects the Adhamiya imams Kadhimiya.

A spokesman for the Iraqi Interior Ministry reported to the ‘life’ the day before yesterday that «a fake tape technology has been used for forgery.

In the meantime, praised the coalition «united» led by Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi yesterday, what he called a ‘national position in charge of the chest. Confirmed in a statement thanked «responsible attitude shown by the National Sayyed Moqtada al-Sadr on sectarian remarks Thaer al-Darraji.

He added that al-Sadr’s position «does not reflect the national commitment to the principles, but also reveals that there are the finest positions for some of the leaders of Iraq who claim to spread the spirit of citizenship on the basis of Iraq and keep the country from sectarian killers and criminals.

The coalition called «the Iraqi government to follow the example of Mr. Sadr, who has become his teased estimate all Iraqis loyal principals, asking them to« announce its stance on sectarian chants, which was launched in some streets of Baghdad, the front sight of the security forces.

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